Our Services

Homework/Aftercare Center

We recognize that life's hurdles can sometimes impact our kids' performance at school. That's why we're here to provide the support and structure they need to thrive.Our Homework and Aftercare Center service includes a dedicated homework class designed to alleviate some of the burdens from parents' shoulders. We believe that kids excel with proper structure, rules, and boundaries.

Through our program, we ensure that your child stays on track with their schoolwork, allowing them to perform at their best. At our premises, learners arrive between 14:00 and 14:30, and our team of experienced educators checks their books, diaries, and work ethic. Our goal is to ensure that your child remains up-to-date with the school curriculum. By the time they are collected between 17:00 and 17:30, they will have received the support they need to excel academically.

Extra Lessons: Intense Classes

These intense classes are designed for small groups, creating an environment where learners can thrive and take ownership of their successes. During a planned meeting, we collaborate with the learner to understand their unique needs, ensuring the study plan and book lessons are perfectly suited to their requirements. We schedule lessons according to your suitability and the hours needed for effective learning. Our expert educators sit with our students, taking detailed notes to cover all required scope, ensuring comprehensive understanding and mastery of the subject matter. We firmly believe in the power of preparation and planning. Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, academic success requires thoughtful preparation in advance.

For those with busy schedules, our Saturday classes offer the perfect solution. These rotational classes are thoughtfully designed to last two hours, starting at 10 am. We ensure students have ample time to settle in, take necessary breaks, and still receive full content coverage. This is especially beneficial for parents who find weekly classes challenging to fit into their routines.

Weekday Classes

Project Aid

In the midst of busy schedules and last-minute planning, we've all experienced those "It's due tomorrow?" moments. But worry not, I'm here to lend a hand and help your child excel. If your child has any projects that require research or assembly, I'll be there to guide them every step of the way (without doing it for them). Together, we'll work on the project, and I'll provide all the necessary materials like color printing, paper, and cardboard to ensure a polished and impressive outcome.Witness the transformation as your child presents their assignment with confidence, knowing they received the support they needed to shine. For convenience, class days can be confirmed with advance notice and sufficient information. Let's embark on this journey of academic growth and success together!

Our classes are conveniently scheduled during the week, from 2 pm to 5 pm, providing flexibility for both students and parents. These individualized sessions take place in dedicated classrooms at our center, fostering a focused and conducive learning environment. Our commitment to excellence means that we deliver our one-on-one sessions on an hourly basis, allowing students to receive the undivided attention and support they deserve. By tailoring our approach to individual requirements, we help learners build confidence, improve their academic results and achieve their full potential.

Educare Mentorship Program


Study Skill/Confidence

At our learning center, we firmly believe that having a concrete plan is essential for effective learning. We understand that each individual has a unique way of retaining information. That's why we adopt a concept of association to cater to diverse learning styles. Our study skills workshop is designed to address a critical skill that many children seem to lack these days. We acknowledge the importance of empowering our children with the tools they need to succeed. Merely receiving information is not enough; they must know how to process and apply it. Through our study skills workshop, we equip children with valuable techniques to comprehend, analyze, and remember the information they encounter.

Comprehension/Reading Skill

Reading is a joyful experience, but its true value lies in comprehension. Unfortunately, numerous individuals, not just children, often read words without grasping the underlying message. In the journey of education, every subject calls for reading with deep understanding. Understanding the text is paramount for children as it opens doors to a world of knowledge and possibilities. It enhances critical thinking, expands vocabulary, and boosts communication skills. When children learn to read with comprehension, they gain the ability to extract meaning, make connections, and engage with various concepts. Moreover, reading comprehension lays the foundation for academic success across all subjects. Whether it's solving math problems, understanding historical events, or exploring scientific theories, proficient reading comprehension allows children to excel in every aspect of their education.

The Ed-You Mentorship Program is a heartfelt initiative inspired by a cherished friend and the parent of one of my former students. As a part of this unique program, I am excited to offer a specialized homework center exclusively for a maximum of 5 of my ex-students who are now in high school. At the heart of this mentorship, we focus on imparting essential life skills to our young learners. During the agreed-upon days, these students will gather at the studio, where they will receive dedicated support and guidance in completing their homework assignments.

What sets this program apart is our commitment to teaching them fundamental values that go beyond academic success:

  • Responsibility: We nurture a sense of responsibility in our students, empowering them to take charge of their actions and decisions.

  • Staying Focused: We equip them with the tools to maintain focus and concentration, helping them achieve their goals effectively.

  • Surrounding Themselves with Positivity: We emphasize the importance of being in the company of good people and creating a healthy environment to foster personal growth and development.

Here's the exciting part - as part of their participation in the Ed-You Mentorship Program, students will be charged a fee for their afternoons. A portion of this payment will be set aside in a special kitty reserved solely for them. The amount saved will depend on their efforts and dedication. We believe in transparency and collaboration, and that's why we maintain open communication with parents regarding their child's progress and the earnings accumulated in the kitty. For instance, if a learner attends two days a week, they will receive a specific amount per week in their savings. To ensure the best fit for this program, we conduct interviews with potential candidates before accepting referrals. Our aim is to create a nurturing space where students not only excel academically but also develop the life skills needed to thrive in the world beyond the classroom.



"Thanks so much, Mrs Sujee we could not have done this without you. I'm close to tears with Tyler's improvement we were really despondent. His results are great compared to previous terms and like you said we need to cheer them on to build their confidence thanks so much for assisting with that. Term 3 Passed."