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At Educare Studio, our mission is to instill confidence and foster a positive outlook on education in young children. We believe in making education simple and enjoyable, tailored to each child's unique abilities, strengths, and aspirations. By bridging the gap between schools, parents, and educators, we create an effective and supportive learning environment where every learner can thrive. Our ultimate goal is to provide structure, order, and the ideal space for students to thrive.

We Want Success For Your Kids In All Aspects Of Their Lives

Our Services

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Educare Mentorship Program
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Our programs are customized based on the needs of your kids. Schedule an assessment with us today and we can work to support, nurture and encourage the best in your kids.

Here's What The Parent's Say

”My first daughter was diagnosed with ADHD from grade one in 2012 and academically it was a challenge for her to concentrate, which I had to enroll her for extra lessons and Mam Sujee has been so helpful since then. She never repeated her grades and she's now in grade 9. Mam Sujee made her to remain positive and since then she has improved very well. She's so positive and looking forward to a better days. God Bless you Mam."

"Mrs Sujee is a real star. She is one of the best teachers that has taught my child. My son was struggling in grade 6 and after constant communication and help from her things turned out to be better and the boy passed and now is in grade 7. Keep up the good work!!! We love and appreciate your work...God Bless"


If you're interested in enrolling your child in one of our programs please complete the form and we will contact you to personalize a program for your child's needs.